You are buying so much more than a pole class at Pole Control Studios. Our Pole fitness classes  are just the tip of the iceberg as we live in a lifestyle community of activity all around us. Add on to your class pass or package, additional services like our Social Club, Online classes and VIP Clubs that we offer.

BUY BUY BUY BUY classes to get started on your journey to pole fitness and beyond.

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ALL CLASSES ARE PREPAID and PRE Registered ONLINE for your convenience

We have something for everyone at Pole Control Studios. Take classes as a Drop in, small pack membership or in a class pass to give Pole Fitness a try. Buy a bigger pass if you are unsure when you can drop in.

Class Package
Class packages give you the flexibility to take as many classes as you want. This is possible through our online booking system that gives you complete control over your personal account. When you run out of classes before your expiration you simply refill or upgrade. If you get too busy and have classes remaining you simply roll them over. Click here for details.
Monthly memberships are the way to go for serious pole fitness practitioners. You are given flexibility of taking AM or PM classes, Private classes and discounts on workshops and monthly social activities and outings. For our VIP photoshoots, private parties  additional fees may apply.  Sign up to get updates.


Coupons are easy to use at Pole Control Studios. You must follow the directions on your coupon and properly activate to use. We allow the use for ONLY 1st time students to apply coupon to your NEW account. Purchasing multiple coupons may be gifted to NEW students but are non transferable and only can be applied as a coupon value for the discount once expired. The value of the coupon may be applied to an online package ONLY! Use coupon code when checking out. Activation and use is required before it expires and cannot be pro rated to an account.

Online Classes

Whereas a private class can cost you up to $100 an hour, 123poling has been an excellent source to reach students all over the world everyday for pennies on a dollar. We use a simple webcam and along with several resources like our 123poling account, we use zoom to connect our classes live to anyone with or without  a pole and with up to 10 different classes and workshops offered, there’s something to fit anyone. Do not worry about spectators watching and distracting live classes all student must be registered for online classes as well. We enjoy sharing our love of the pole with all so we encourage locals to try a class ONLINE if they can’t attend one in studio!


Social Club

Sometime We just wanna have fun. So what we decided to do was allow our community of Lucky Lads N Ladies to receive ALL Exclusive Class Pass incentives while attending classes. This means we encourage you to work out hard and play harder. We offer so many workshops, private parties and special events we want all our online and local socialites to take advantage of our  incentives and come out to party with us!

Join the Diamond League and attend adult entertainer education, meeting and webinars.

VIP Club

JOIN US in the VIP club if you want to go to the next level of pole-fessional. VIP Club receives club incentives that continue to give back.

VIP members are the Student Government of Pole school. They make many decisions and are the control group of students who test out products and services before they go to the public. Annual membership fee and Attending Semi Annual meeting are the only requirements to keep VIP status. Some incentives are:
15% off everything in ONLINE store
FREE drop in classes*
Unlimited Complimentary FREESTYLES
RSVP for VIP Parties
FREE Sunday Fundays**
Access to Teachers Kit
Access to Homework help
Access to Skimble workout trainer

Access to POLEARN app

apple or android

*Access to Diamond League Adult Entertainment Education

Immediate invitation to Birthday Club
Immediate invitation to Events Galore Club
Immediate access to Secret Social media sources

Check us out in Group Spaces for more info 

*Pole Perks, Skimble App & Polearn is available for ALL students

Join our Street Team

Earn double the Pole Perk Points on your memberships when Joining the Street team or Burlesque Troop

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Ask your instructor for more information.