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Pole Perks Explainer – Pole Control Studios

Pole Perks Explainer

There are plenty of ways to earn Points for being active and participating in the Pole Perks program. Please note, that earning of Points must be offered by your instructor. The amount of Points for each reward and how often you can earn it is specific to your activity, so here’s the most accurate list of rewards available for activity.

Log in daily to our website

  • Purchasing Gift Certificates
  • Purchasing Online Products
  • Using Online Booking
  • Purchasing refill Deals
  • Referrals for services or products
  • OPT-IN for Email Marketing
  • Social Share with a Friend
  • Completion of Homework Assignments
  • Pole NoteBook Record Keeping
  • Pole Bag – Shorts, Shoes, Grip aides, towels, notebook, *tripod
  • Club Sign up – Student Government, Burlesque, Teachers Training
  • Attend Events – volunteer as a demonstrator or talk with guests
  • Attend Workshops

Additionally you can Wear your activity tracking device or use your tracking mobile application to track your daily activity and earn even more rewards for Steps or Active Minutes.

  • More than 15 Active Minutes in  a day will earn 70 Points.
  • More than 30 Active Minutes in a day will earn 100 Points.
  • More than 45 Active Minutes in a day will earn 140 Points

Or, you can earn additional rewards for Online Workout sessions using your  skimble mobile application.

  • 15 minute Workout will earn 70 Points.
  • 30 minute Workout will earn 100 Points.
  • 60 minute Workout will earn 140 Points.

Note*: 140 Points is the maximum daily reward for step/active minutes/workout session activity. You will not be rewarded for both steps and active minutes and workout sessions, only the one with the higher Points value of the three. You cannot be rewarded for active minutes, and workout session in the same day.

You also can earn Activity Trophies (shown above) for your level of activity each month!

  • Completing Pop Up Challenges: Track your success using a validated activity tracker (Fit Bit) for any 10 days within a calendar month for 100-1000 Points per month.
  • Tracking with your fitbit  20 Days in a Month: Track your classes using a validated activity tracker for any 20 days within a calendar month for 200 Points per month. It links to your account.
  • Complete POLE Challenges: Join us and our partners, 123 Poling, Polearn, PSO, for your additional online homework for 400 Points per month.
  • Competition Prep: sign up for any expansion class from September-November and earn bonus classes to incorporate your lessons in choreography for competition and recital season
  • Pole Rental Program: Rent a pole for Online classes and promotional purposes only. Pole is used to showcase and promote Pole Control Studios online classes. Students that rent pole will be charged for full purchase price if they don’t qualify for student loaner program. Expires: 7/4 Students must ACTIVELY post on social media as a studio ambassador while using the pole for FREE, or be charge.
  • Picture Me Poling Challenges: We offer several scavenger hunted locations in Hartford and Springfield to snap a picture  and #hashtag for social media every 3 completed posts = 1 Bonus class


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