Sexy Sundays begins, April 7 from 10 AM to 2:00 PM, some classes may run to 2:30 PM due to class extension or cool down. Please be on time and be prepared for class you may bring a yoga mat bottle of water kneepads or leg warmers mighty grip gloves and sports bra, be sure to wear some booty shaking shorts or you could just simply wear yoga pants and a T-shirt. Two classes from your active class pass will pay for your workshop. $50 cash only fee for non active member drop ins. Registrants are guaranteed participation, drop ins are not. All students must participate. Cameras are often not allowed during class! Check with instructor. @SadaValesques


Wild West Coyote Ugly– Get your cowboy boots your short Daisy Dukes and get your 2 step on as we bring it down yonder and teach you how to bar dance floor dance and line dance to fun pop and country beats that will make you move your feet. Location TBA

Tantalizing Twerkshop– This is exactly what you have been waiting for. Twerk-O-logy 101 Be sure to bring your knee pads or legwarmers rubber soul sneakers and mighty grip gloves elbow pads or forearm guards, we are bringing your ass down to the floor teaching you how to Dirty wind torque frog pop rabbit wind and grind to the smash up beats specifically for booty building brilliance. #StopDropTwerk

Freaky Friday Chair Flair Edition– Chair dance workouts and sexy chair dancing all to the beats and Melody of sweet sounds and sensual music you can chill to. Take a chair dance workout up another level by adding our sensuality work out that’s included after class, if you have the energy to stay, that teaches balancing, poses and floor to chair moves. Buy your Boy Toy in class day is Sunday April 28th. Make it a Pole Play Date.

Heels Skills and Thrills the BeyoncĂ© Experience– This class is much anticipated and usually co ed because seriously, who absolutely doesn’t  love Queen Bey? So if you are grown independent wo(man) who know girls run the world put your freakum shorts on cause you’re  bootilicious so come ring the alarm and get crazy in love with this naughty girl say my name, why cause we flawless let me upgrade you me myself and I and don’t forget your heels heels heels.

Simply by signing up you can enroll in 1 or all of these workshops.