About Us


About Us

Pole Control Studios has added Academy of Aerial Arts to their core curriculum of amazing classes. We are bright and inviting. This will be a destination highlight in the midst of all the great changes to social scene of  Massachusetts. Pole Control Studios has been a staple for alternative fitness to the downtown elite for 10+ years. Students and Professionals love the flexible schedule of having a class pass or the option of drop ins for only $25 and take a wide variety of Pole fitness Classes, Sensual Dance, Yoga, Aerial Silks and hoops or Kick Boxing at their discretion. Nestled in the middle of downtown Springfield 2.5 blocks walking distance to MGM Grand casino, Amazing Nightlife, Clubs and venues, Restaurants, and Public Transport.


A little About Us, We are well aware of our reputation. We will NEVER offer less service for more money. We are determined to be the best because there are many imitation pole dance fitness studios however we pride ourselves in being the original, the most exclusive, the absolute best. We have a strict and sophisticated scheduling system that has that old fashion staple that put the needs of each client first. Your time is valuable, and we will make ourselves available. We take the art of  Pole fitness very seriously. You will not learn the more difficult tricks or spins if you don’t hone down the strength in the beginner or intermediate classes. The sensual aspect of the dance will not come easy to you if you cannot get past the fact your teacher expects more out of you. Your natural sensuality exists whether we explore it or not during a class.  We encourage sensual dance and Many studios defer students progress with promises that are unrealistic. Holly Woods train her instructors to identify the learning pattern of each student they host in class. No one learns by watching, even if you have a do-it-yourself  mentality. You must learn to attempt vigorously each move tenaciously until its perfected on both sides of your body to gain the respect of your instructor. It’s almost insulting to expect anything less. If you want less, I suggest another local studio. We offer job placement into our Teachers Training Program. We value the separation of the industries, it ensures our clients they will receive a hard core fitness class at their own pace. However we embrace the Exotic entertainment industry in a supportive manner and environment.


We also make it a point to give back to our community through our many charitable campaigns, volunteering whenever we can to raise money and awareness toward women’s mental, physical health, sexual health issues. Offering online classes, daily classes at 3 locations, and a weekly informative radio talk show, Holly Woods is a prime example of Hartford’s Elite Young Entrepreneurs, challenging the growth of affiliates and colleagues, she is a true force to be reckoned with. “We intend to be involved anyway we can as a provider of alternative fitness, says Ms Woods. We have the right to Empower each other, even if it is the encouragement to climb to the top I don’t want everything to be all about us. It’s about you”




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