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  • 1. Can my friends and I attend classes together?

    Planning groups of 3 or more to block off the schedule is completely prohibited. 3 or more reserved students in a class is considered a party and restrictions are set for the interpersonal interruptions expected from a party in comparison to a class.

    • You may NOT take multiple classes with your friends. All classes are booked by students on a 1st come basis.
    • Class pass holders have the opportunity to book classes based on availability.
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  • 2. What are my instructor expectations?

    I expect all clients to READ the information posted on their coupons, our website, email and newsletters. We will not accept your coupon if you do not pay your online sales tax to activate your coupon. We cannot take payments at the studio. We will not accept your coupon if your behavior is juvenile and unwarranted. We record all phone calls for quality assurance and save all phone messages and complaints.

    Under NO circumstance will you be allowed to walk in on any class. I will not be threatened by your hierarchy or governed by your position to honor any favoritism  You may not falsify documents or online accounts in order for your underage minor to participate in a class. You will be banned from the studio for any falsification of documents or online accounts.

    • ALL CLASSES are 1st come 1st served basis.

    Our guest travel from all over the region and plan accordingly for traffic, parking, stretching, shopping, and gossip that usually occurs BEFORE class.

    I expect the attention to be awarded to the class time. You try your best and you will get better. Bad attitudes or negative comments are the first to be asked to leave the studio. It takes a very special and patient aerial artist to become an amazing performance artist. Some people have a different idea of what pain and pleasure are, it very well may be your friend holding you back from excelling in the program due to frustration of comparison.

    This sport is NOT for everyone, however EVERYONE has an opportunity to learn and understand the basics of where this sports full potential lies. Mental agility, physical endurance and overall healthy attitude will make an amazing POLE fessional and I look forward to teaching that student, my passion in life. The love of pole dance and aerial artistry at it’s most delicate beginning stages.

    • EVERYONE has to schedule their classes online, please email info@polecontrolstudios.com for faster service. Phone Calls or text messaging will be accepted between 12pm-5pm for assistance

    In order to have an account with Pole Control Studios. You must establish  good standing with our system. An updated credit card or prepaid method of payment is required to book any classes. (ie groupon code#1234abc) Monthly workshops and streaming classes are purchased separately.

    • RESCHEDULING-is understandable, however you MAY cancel your class 4 hours in advance to avoid any charges to your account. It will allow seamless transitions for those wait listed to be notified and allowed into the class on time. You must be considerate of others as they are considerate to you.


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  • 3. Still Confused?

    Whats the difference between an intro class and an intro party?

    Intro classes and parties are suggested for participants who never tried pole fitness before at Pole Control Studios.

    Intro Class give a student the opportunity to learn pole fitness at the basic beginner stages. Students may progressively go to Pole Pilates Diva 1 course and begin their journey to self discovery. This is a one time only class where you learn up to 5 moves to combine in a routine

    Intro Parties allow student to have a private class in a party atmosphere together. There often no need to learn at a suggested pace. You come mostly to have fun. You will touch base on 3-8 pole moves depending on you and your participants attentiveness. We allow photo after class and finish with a demonstration by your instructor.

    VIP Party will give you the time and attention to celebrate your special occasion in style with your closest friends and family. You can stay and pole play for the basic 2 hour Birthday,Girls Night out, or Bachelorette party or do a super slumber 12 hour extravaganza, hosted by our team of professional party planners. Our Hotel, Casino, Restaurant, Limo Service and NightClub affiliates pay very close attention to detailing all of your party needs in one stop.

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  • 4. What is the attire and Etiquette?

    (What should I wear?) NO  nudity is allowed in the studio. Proper attire must be worn at all times.

    Appropriate attire for pole class includes a t-shirt or tank top, sports bra, and form-fitted shorts “booty” shorts or Loose fitting yoga pants. Men may participate topless. High heels are optional for Level 2 and up.

    Appropriate attire for fitness classes is leggings or form-fitted yoga wear, a sports bra and tank top, or a leotard and leg warmers. Long sleeves if weather permits, may also sometimes be desired.

    No ankle restrictive sweatpants, loose-fitting cargo shorts or denim pants are allowed in classes.

    Underwear is not allowed as workout attire. Active wear and pole fitness wear is best.


    Pole Control Studios prides itself on being a refuge from the outside world. When you are in the studio, please leave all your troubles behind and get ready to have fun and sweat it out!

    There is no cell phone use allowed in the classroom, whatsoever. If you need to use the phone or text, please step out to the hallway. Please turn your ringer/alerts off while in the playroom.

    Students are NOT allowed to practice or monkey around on the poles in between classes. An instructor must be present at all times while students are practicing. If you are seen practicing in between classes, you will be asked to refrain.

    Please respect your instructors and fellow students.

    Bullying is not tolerated at Pole Control Studios. Any person who disrespects students or staff and their personal space will immediately be asked to leave the premises.

    Pole Control Studios has a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol during classes.

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  • 5. Do you offer Kid Classes?

    Students under the age of 18 must fill our a parental or guardian release form prior to taking classes with us.

    Children under the age of 13 are never to be left unattended in the studio. We do not offer childcare services at this time.

    Classes for students 18 and younger are offered during Summer Camp Only

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  • 6. Do you accept Walk-Ins?

    We do not accept WALK-INS to our Pole Pilates classes under any circumstances. You may however pay the walk-in fee $50 per person to take a private intro class. Your instructor is scheduled to teach your class, not to input your information to create an account for you during their class time. Please schedule an appointment to attend your first class.


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  • 1. How do I activate my coupon?

    COUPON INFO-is located on the coupon CLICK HERE for more info


    • We require the coupon number that is followed by letter to activate your requests correctly (ie groupon code#1234abc). Incorrect request can be bumped back under several request.
    • (PRINT and BRING IT IN)when you come to class
    • Do not bring in your email corespondents. We only need your printed coupon to scan the bar code.
    • You are not allowed additional time to use the coupon after the expiration unless otherwise noted.

    You need to take all the classes on your pass before the expiration date


    You may roll over remaining classes to a 12 class pass or higher to extend the date and time of the pass and take advantage of all the classes.

    • ALL coupons have 60 days to completely take all classes. It will expire and the value of the coupon will be used to apply to a retail price package if not activated

    In order to have an account with Pole Control Studios. You must establish  good standing with our system. An updated credit card or prepaid method of payment is required to book any classes.

    Monthly workshops and online streaming classes are purchased separately.

    VIP Members 50 class pass holders or higher are all inclusive

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  • 1. What are the Basic rules?

    General Rules & Information

    • Registration and class payment is due prior to attending class.
    • All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Minors are allowed with parental or guardian release only.
    • Groupons & Class Pass must be purchased prior to taking class.
    • Cash, credit, paypal and personal checks are accepted.
    • There is a $10 fee for Late Cancels and “No Shows.”
    • There is a $25 canceled/returned check fee.
    • Class schedule is subject to change based on instructor availability.

    Due to the popularity of our unique services, you must make a reservation in advance for any of our classes or services. We also offer a wait list option.

    Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to allow sufficient time to check in and address any concerns with the instructor. A credit card deposit is required to hold appointments for personal training and parties. If you are counted as a “no show” and/or fail to cancel within 24 hours of your private lesson, you will be charged the full price of the class. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for the protection of our clients and staff.

    We believe warm-ups are very important; if you are late to a Group Class you will not be permitted after the first 15 minutes, and therefore must reschedule.

    Upon booking, please advise us of any ailments, disabilities, high blood pressure, or pregnancy. Consumption of alcohol before or during class is strictly prohibited. If you arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be asked to leave and charged for the full amount of the class/party, no refunds.

    Deposits for private parties are non-refundable, there is no cash or credit card refund. Private parties may be made up within 90 days if canceled 7 days in advance of the party start time. Failure to cancel your party 7 days in advance, will forfeit your opportunity to make up your party.

    We do NOT offer make-ups for missed  Workshops. If you need to miss one of your Workshops, we recommend that you schedule a private lesson with your instructor to make up the missed material.

    Pole Control Studios reserves the right to make changes to the class schedule at any time based on resources and instructor availability.

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  • 2. What are your restrictions?

    You are not allowed to watch and film our classes without permission of the students Everyone 18 and older has the right to 1 personal account.

    • You WILL BE CHARGED $20 for each additional account you create.
    • Everyone at the studio is expected to participate in the class for 50 minutes.
    • Negative comments about women or industry professionals is strictly prohibited. EMPOWERMENT is equal to all who want it
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  • 3. What is your Cancellation Rescheduling Policy?

    All group classes at Pole Control Studios must meet a minimum of 5 registered students, in order to be held. Pole Control Studios reserves the right to cancel a group class if minimums are not met, in sufficient enough time to alert all students registered. Pole Control Studios reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class to a freestyle if class minimums are not met. All students on studio-canceled rosters will receive a courtesy email or text informing them of the cancellation. All studio-canceled classes will be credited back to the student’s account with no penalty to the student.

    Private Lessons and appointments may be canceled without penalty up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment time. Cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will result in forfeiture of the appointment. There are no refunds on late cancels.

    We do not offer rescheduling for any Workshops or Series Classes.



    All Group Classes that are canceled at least 12 hours in advance of class time, may be rescheduled. All appointments/private lessons that are canceled at least 24 hours in advance of appointment time, may be rescheduled. Account credits are good for one year from the date of credit. No-shows on any appointments/classes forfeit the appointment and any possible credit.

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How to idiot proof your Coupon request

(A Guide for Beginners)

Welcome to Pole Control Studios, we are happy you took advantage of this coupon. This coupon gives you the opportunity to begin an account with Pole Control Studios. You may not begin or access an account with multiple coupons. You will have the option to refill your account with class passes packages or memberships accordingly. Once we activate your coupon by reserving your 1st class for you, You will have complete control to schedule the remaining of your classes online through our mindbody interface.

Coupons are purchased through a 3rd party affiliate and their rules or regulations may not comply with ours so please read carefully your specific coupon fine print to avoid any embarrassments.

Coupons are used for services only and only hold CASH VALUE for what they are worth. When coupon expires, we can apply value of coupon to any FULL priced service offered. Coupons cannot be combined with other offers used on top of sales or for products or time extensions on packages.
Please pay your taxes and gratuities before your scheduled class ONLINE! Failure to do so will result in the forfeiting of your space in the class and place a hold on your coupon. The receptionist or instructor will not accept a walk in coupon holder whom has not properly registered for class (walk ins are charged for the full price of the class plus $10 service fee $39.99+ tax)

To activate and use your coupon you must do the following:


Visit our website www.polecontrolstudios.com

Go to the shop page and Scroll to the very bottom.

Send 1 code per person. Do not send multiple requests with the same email and personal information. We will not honor them. All client must be responsible for their own accounts


Send 2 calendar date options at least 72 hours (3 DAYS) or more IN ADVANCE. We will try to get you into one of the 12 intro classes we offer per month. If you multiplied that times 10 that’s over 120 guests per month we must reserve based upon availability. Please respect our policies and allow ample notice for specific dates. Please respect our clients privacy upon using recording devices or inviting unregistered guests.

Coupon Center ALL COUPONS ONLY 1 (ONE) per request

To enroll in the Pole Pilates Beginner 1 Course you must complete 1 Pole Discovery Intro class.

Please enter in the comment Box (TWO) 2 optional dates (72 hours or more) in advance for your Intro Class Or Intro Party, and your Coupon # or code. Intro Classes are Friday Nights @6pm or Saturday Morning @11am. Intro Parties are ONLY GIVEN Sat 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. Intro parties require deposit for a minimum of 3 guests. Parties can host up to 10 guests. More time will be needed for bigger parties. UPGRADES to VIP parties offer VIP options (Food, Beverages, Games, ect..) Fill out request for hosting the Ultimate Pole Party for your occasion.




What to expect in a Pole Discovery Intro class


Come early to fill out registration form which includes a waiver of liability

All students are granted 15 minutes before every class to park, shop, mingle and stretch.

SHOES are not required or suggested for 1st five classes.

Wear sexy socks instead

NO Oil or Lotion on body

No Hand Jewelry (Watches Bracelets or Rings)

There is a changing facility on premise.

You may wear loose legged yoga pants, capris, shorts or skorts and tank tops, tee shirts or sports bras. NO LEGGINGS OR STOCKINGS or COMPRESSION WEAR

You will learn:

  • The History of the Studio
  • Pole dance fitness trends
  • Industry standards
  • Proper handling of the Pole
  • A Few dirty Jokes
  • Etiquette and expectations

….Meanwhile learning 50 minutes  1-5 different pole spins

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