Welcome to the best in alternative fitness. If you ever said you’ve always wanted to try Pole dance then this is the place for you. We at Pole Control Studios give you exactly what we promise, The BEST in Fitness for the Sensual Mind Body & Soul. Right from the beginning, your Pole Discovery Introductory class will teach you the basics you will build upon as you go in our Pole Pilates Beginner courses. Many students take anywhere from 9 months to 2 years to advance to the different levels.


Your Pole classes sync with your Fit bit for EASY Assessment


After your Intro you are welcome to purchase a package that covers however many classes you choose to take in any duration that fits your schedule.  Intro classes are included in all our packages. Coupons are activated on the coupon page. Prices are subject to change without notice. With the patient help of your pole instructor and the guidance of your online consultant you can become a disciplined athlete in the art of Pole dance fitness. We love what we do from amazing Intro classes to hosting unbelievable Bachelorette, Birthday, and Girls Night Out parties.

Owner and Director Holly Woods has over 20 years experience and has taught over 20,000 classes to men women & children. She has performed for The Hartford Stage, CT Science Center, and Mohegan Sun. She has been featured on Better Ct, Hartford Courant, and The Advocate. You are in good hands to really learn at your pace the art, history, language, and physics of pole dance fitness.