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This is a Open House soft opening with a grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony coming January 2020.



Take a complete look at the potential the studio has and then decide if we are worth your time. We have a state of the art full aerial and pole studio that provides daily classes and real results. 15 minute mandatory warm up, included in your 60 minute Class in Aerials, Pole, Yoga, or Cardio Dance. 1 class pass covers ALL your classes.

Many of our Springfield students cannot afford the transition to travel an additional 35 minutes to Hartford for daily classes but can take classes on a more inconsistent basis (11 or less a month) have the option to either purchase The VIP pass giving them access to both studios, a time extension for their current pass or freeze their pass until they are ready to resume status.

VIP CLUB MEMBERSHIP insures students access to the private satellite pole studio Holly has always provided in her home. Membership is by invitation only and is open for 3 months before we can no longer accept new members due to time restricted membership responsibilities.

ALL local NON MEMBERS not willing to commute, or extend their memberships may allow them to expire or resume attending classes at Soul Pole  in Springfield.