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We would like to post your experiences as a Pole Control Studios Dance fitness student. We need you to base the facts from the start to the end so we may teach our clients our expectations as a fitness club. We choose to post positive reviews and testimonials from students who had pleasant experiences. We have had several negative reviews over the years but in comparison the don’t hold a candle to the positive environment we have created. (Reviews from Google Some names have been changed to protect the innocent:) Leave your testimonials or reviews in the comment box on our contact us page.

Quality Excellent
I have been taking classes at Pole Control Studios for almost two months now, and love it! I was bored with my repetitive gym workouts and constant injuries, and was excited to try something new. I bought the 5-class Coupon, and liked it so much that I ended up purchasing a 12 class package after I finished with the coupon. The pole classes are surprisingly an incredible workout. I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for over 6 months that has actually gone away! Pole has allowed me to strengthen the muscles supporting my shoulder, allowing the tendons to heal. I’ve also noticed a big increase in my overall flexibility, strength, and muscle definition. Lela is a great instructor; she always makes the classes fun. The atmosphere is very positive and encouraging, and the women in the classes don’t hesitate to help one another and cheer each other on. The classes are always small, meaning that everyone receives personalized instruction and one-on-one attention. The main drawback to the studio is the lack of parking in Downtown Hartford, especially when there is an event going on. I recommend getting there 10 minutes early to find a spot without having to pay $10 in the lot. I highly recommend trying a class at Pole Control if you are looking for a great workout that is unique and fun!

Quality Excellent
We had a Bachelorette Party at Pole Control Studios and it was so easy to book and they took such good care of all of us. I would recommend any women that want to have a good time this is the place. The party was so nice. They had it all decorated and we all received party bags. Pole Control thanks for making this such a great time and so easy to do. Lela you rock!!

Quality Excellent
My friend and I took a Intro Class last night. It was great! Lela was so nice and she explained everything to us. Not to mention we fell in love with this place and bought a 12 class pass. Cant wait to get back there and start taking classes. Ladies this is the place for us. If you do not know about this place try it out,because you will love it. Thanks Holly and staff you’re great.

Overall Excellent
This is a great studio for women that don’t like a typical gym. I don’t like to workout but come here between 5-7 hours a week. The staff is encouraging and helpful and want everyone to succeed! I love this place and highly recommend it to any women, any size, any shape. This will bring back confidence and sexy femininity feelings!

Overall Excellent
Cozy studio. Well run by Lela. A nice variety of other clients at different skill levels so it creates an environment to meet new people. Lela is a thorough instructor with patience and a great spirit. I have never left the classes not feeling as if I haven’t had a good work out. Great place and I am happy to add it to my fitness regimen.

Overall Excellent
I was temporarily in the area, and had a wonderful time at the studio! The staff were wonderful, friendly, and helpful. They work with you and tailor classes to everyone in them. It’s a fantastic way to have fun, learn a new skill, and get in shape. I’m sad to be leaving the area and the studio, but can’t wait to get back!!! The website is great, classes are easy to book online, and it’s a wonderful experience and great studio! Thanks so much!

Overall Excellent
If you are looking for an incredible workout – then this place is for you! If you are looking for a fun, fun time with other women – then this place is for you! If you want to challenge your body without even realizing the strength you are gaining – then this place is for you! I joined Pole Control Studios in November just looking to learn some moves on the pole and get some exercise. What I have gained since then is way beyond that!! I am stronger and more toned in every area of my body – woo hoo! I have muscles – sexy muscles – where I never thought I would have them. Every class is upbeat and fun. We have a blast there!! The staff are super knowledgeable and friendly, listening to members’ needs, concerns and thoughts. They take an active part in members’ fitness goals and gains. I am so glad I joined PCS – first time in a long time that I’ve done something so great for me!!

Overall Excellent
You must be deemed as insane to leave a negative review. This place totally rocked. I learned alot in my class and the instructor gave me the one on one attention that I needed. The studio itself as far as the atmosphere goes, is for the mature to better their mind body and soul. This place has changed my lifestyle for the better. It is spotless and it looks like they spent a great deal of money just to make the students happy. If you enjoy luxury, laughs, and a great challenge then Do Not hesitate to take your first class (Intro). This studio is not for the immature and they stick to their policies respecting your time and money.
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Overall Excellent
I have a great time every time I go to a class at Pole Control Studios in Hartford. John has been very helpful in answering any questions and Lela is AWESOME!! Both are very professional and I will continue as long as I can!!

Overall Excellent
They are honest direct and really know about general fitness. Their programs fit anyone’s schedule and you actually see results within your first month of taking classes.


Hello my name is Veronica, about a month ago a woman named Melissa was asking about classes for a bachelorette party. we were not able to do it because we didn’t have the money to put down for the deposit. I really want to do this class and I told the bride we were not able to do it and she was so upset I am really sad that we couldn’t come to a spot were we were able to do the class. Im reading that the deposit is $400 and im wondering is that with the food and props? if we opted not to get any food and props is the cost less? we have a total of 15 girls and im wondering if I can put a percent of the deposit down and the girls can bring in their money the day of. its because none of us ( Melissa or I) have all the cash at hand and it will be hard to collect all the money from all girls. if there is anything that we are able to do in order to have this party PLEASE help. the bride is coming down from Maryland and I want to surprise her with what she thought we were not able to do. so if you can work something out with us this will be the greatest surprise for her. she is really into pole dancing and I want our night to be fun with the way she wanted it to be. please email me back with options we can choose from. the date of the class that we wanted was Sat April 12. Please please please help us!!! thanks hope to hear from you soon!   Veronica