Letter from the Owner

Dear All potential Aerial Artists,

Holly Woods, the owner of Academy of Aerial Arts and Erotikink an Empire of a conglomerate of female marketed services. Fitness fashion fantasy and fun is a company she started right after high school. She allows women to enjoy a lifestyle facility that brings their needs directly to them. Fitness fashion fantasy and fun are just as important to a woman’s  development as being in a relationship with a compatible letterfromedunderstanding and loving partner.

She began to realize women wanted to learn about more than fashion and beauty, but they needed to learn how to find their strength in their sensuality. Holly Woods took her passion for dance in an unacceptable society and began teaching the art of pole dancing. Being an artists at heart she with her partner built Pole Control Studios. They quickly realized they had an amazing service to offer everyday people bored with the mundane and wanted something more alternative. With imitation studios popping up all around the region since her staple in the industry, Holly Wood perseveres over all with her unique teaching style and endless knowledge of the sensual arts.

Her classes are Empowering non threatening atmospheres of unity strength and guidance with attention to detail being taught in every class through muscle memory. The repetition is not for the easily bored. Students receive empowerment from each other as every struggle becomes easier with the camaraderie of laughter and enjoyment and simple praise the most minor of accomplishments. Holly Woods give you the ability to continue to grow in the sport she and her many colleagues around the world are deeming into the Olympics. Holly Woods is a sister to her students, a mother to her children and a stern yet compassionate partner to her business affiliates. Get to know more by visiting her Fansite