Getting Ready for Performance

When you want to enter a competition, do a show or film a nice video, there are a few ingredients you want to make sure you have in your performance that will make it captivating….
The way you enter the stage :
from the side : by walking, floor-work, gymnastic or dance work, …
from a pole : with a drop or an introduction trick
from the public : the audience often like to see that the performer was amongst them prior to the routine.
Your first impression on the audience : it states the style of the choreography, the spirit (sexy, tribal, contemporary, …). This first impression is very important because it introduces you or the character you are playing to the audience.
The way you first grab the pole : this move will state the dynamic of the choreography, which means if it is quick, slow, smooth, twitched, … . Note that the dynamic is not the style you announced with the first impression given to the audience, you can combine different style with different dynamics like “sexy-smooth”, “contemporary-smooth”, “tribal-slow”, “tribal-quick” and so many more…
The fluidity : in dance, gym or yoga, the fluidity comes from the line your head follows. There is only one line which is the story of the choreography. It means that, in your combo, you will have “follow your head”. This concept makes you always go forward and avoid back and forth moves. For instance on a layout, as your head is going down, you will have the options of :
going further down (with an iguana, janeiro, crescent, …)
intentionally break the line if it is in the character’s spirit or the music (or both !).
go for flow combos you can also check my previous post here.
If you have 2 poles : you will have several actions to consider :
the way you leave the pole you’re on
the way you transition to the other one (dancing, floor work …) : avoid just walking (except if it is part of the character of course), remember the show is still on, so keep your spirit !
the way you grab the other pole.
The way you end the choreography :
Often with the most impressive move
keep that position long enough for the audience to applause !
The walking away : keep your head up !
To sum up the ingredients of a choreography broadly :
The way you enter the stage
Your first impression to the audience
The way you first interact with the pole
Your dancing lines and your fluidity
Transitioning and using more than one pole.
The end of the routine. A big finish