Preparing for a Pole Competition


Do you have any advice for future pole dance competitors?

Yes! HAVE FUN! rest is as important as training, make sure you know your music and routine as well as possible.
Take something positive from the experience and enjoy yourself, don’t forget to ask for feedback after the competition to know how to move forward.

How did you feel before competing on the day?

REALLY EXCITED! I could feel the nerves creeping up on me the day and night before the competition, my students were feeling the same but on the day we seemed to keep it together. Everyone feels the same before any performance, for some of us the nerves can be a good thing.

What did you think of the other competitors?

Everyone was very nice, most people were friendly and it wasn’t long before we were having a good chinwag backstage when we were getting ready. We had already made some friends on facebook so getting to meet those people in real life was really cool. There was a nice friendly atmosphere in our dressing room, I’d like to say that we mainly had competitors from Pagan’s Pole with us in our dressing room and they are all fab ladies, it was a pleasure having your company during the whole competition. I hope they are planning on entering next year so we can get to see them again.

And the level of pole at the competition in general?

It was brilliant to see the other schools had entered and made maximum effort. Some schools had previous competition experience, so when everyone was performing it was clear to see we had all maintained a good balance in every aspect of the competition. Personally I would like to see more of the other schools join in and compete next time, but the actual level of pole dancing was fantastic in every category & I loved everyone’s performance so much.

What was the best part of the competition (other than winning:-)?

The different styles of dancing included in performances spaced out during the competition after and in between the different categories – Zara was on the aerial hoop to open the show, along with the street dancers. A young lady called Polly also performed -she was exceptional. Next we were treated to a performance from Sally-Ann and Karen Chaundy & true to form they were flawless. Watching my students perform for the first time, all of the fun and laughs we all had together during training and of course at the competition. What felt really good was being part of the first competition ever held in North Wales (thanks Tracy!)

What advice would you give to anybody else thinking of entering a pole competition?

Well I could write an essay here!……….
Check the rules and ask as many questions as you need to before you start doing anything, this is because it is harder to make changes to a routine or costume AFTER you have put it together – in your training and in your mind. But if you are clear about everything to begin with you shouldn’t break any rules and keep in the guidelines.
Practice makes perfect so do it as much as possible, have a dress reversal too – this is to check everything out before the day the last thing you want to have to do is spend the few precious hours before you go on stage sewing your outfit.
Don’t waste your energy on what everyone else is doing, we are all different! It doesn’t matter what you can’t do….. focus on what you can do. HAVE FUN! Take something positive from the experience and enjoy yourself, don’t forget to ask for feedback after the competition to know how to move forward.