How to Pick the Best Instructor or Studio


bestSo you have read that Pole Dancing is a fab way to get fit, have fun, and find the sexy kitten hidden within? Well you’re not wrong there !! There are many Pole Dancing Studios & Instructors offering different ways of interpreting this beautiful art form. So which is more for you, the fitness, or the let the beast out sexy style? Here are 10 tips to aid you when looking for the right Pole dance fitness Studio or Instructor.

1. It’s all about the Experience! That’s the Instructors experience! Check out the credentials 🙂 Be sure they have a qualification in Pole Dance fitness from the PDC, be aware of the “I’ve been awarded an A* in how to use a Gym Machine”, it’s all well and good but if they have only been “teaching” for 2 weeks then that’s not good! Don’t be afraid to ask!

2. Check out the website or the instructors facebook, social networking site. From these you should get a feel for what they are all about, and any comments they have had made about them. This is a good way to research any courses/classes offered before you part with your hard earned cash!

3. If you are looking to book a course ask for a free trial or an introduction class before you commit, even if it is for a small fee. Better that then paying around $100 for 6 weeks and you then don’t use it !

4. Try a couple of studios / instructors before you commit. You will gain something new from every instructor that you try. There are pole instructors that are better at technical, some are better at the “sexy” element and some that should’ve stuck to their day job! However if you are so lucky to find a studio that inhabits both sensual and fitness classes buy a lifetime membership. Save the best for last. Judge the studio based on their online content.

5. Talk to people in the class. Ask them what they get out of each session and why they are doing the class. These will be people who are doing it for the same reason as you maybe and will no doubt know how you feel. It’s good to talk 🙂 You may be on the pole next to your new best friend

6. Don’t be afraid to ask the “Pros”. Drop them an email with any questions you would like to know the answer for. They may be able to suggest a studio or an instructor in your area. Recommendations from an industry leader is good value

7. Sometimes the cheapest classes aren’t the best value. Shop around ! What’s the cost, how many sessions, how long are the sessions, what are the cancellations fees etc etc. READ THE SMALLPRINT! Studios most likely have limited space and many interested participants. Be aware of ANY studio who over books or makes students share a pole.

8. Wear comfortable clothing. Always ask the instructor what to wear but don’t feel forced into wearing something you may not be comfortable in to start with, ie high heels. Take them with you as well as some pumps and gradually work your way in to them. If you feel comfortable in what you wear you will get more out of the session.

9. Expect to be stiff the next few day and have a few bruises!! Treat them as your trophy 🙂 any “Pole Dancer” will tell you that this is part of the experience. The more confident and experienced you get on the pole the more you limit those bruises (though you will still ache if you always push yourself!!)

10. If you are still stuck and unsure as to what to do, email me !! Drop me a mail to Holly Woods and I will get back to you