Aerialists of all shapes sizes and backgrounds have an opportunity to explore there sensual side with Empowerment through fitness. Here we share information and educate clients to make the best choices for there health and well-being. Alternative fitness facilities are everywhere and at Pole Control Studios we give you a taste of everything to get that rock hard dancers body all at one facility.

Top 10 Favorite BLOGS

1) Heels Skills & Thrills Show on Holly Woods of Hartford’s 20 year Pole veteran has a wide variety of topics she covers and the best thing about it, It’s open forum so you can call in live or download the live transcripts of her show. The only blog by polefessional of its kind. Also Check out 50 Shades of Black & Blue, Tales from the Champagne Room, and Pole Control Studios Aerialists

2) Express the Sensual could also be called “Deliciously, Toe-curlingly, Sensual, with a Capital Sssss”

When I first discovered it late one night, I spent two and a half hours going through the whole archives! It’s just about everything I ever dreamed of reading in a pole blog, and then some! Yannori is also a pole instructor and is empowering to the point that I swear I can sometimes hear “I’m Every Woman… it’s all in Meeeeee’ playing in my head as I read through her old posts. These days, she’s busy being an advanced yoga instructor too and so doesn’t post as often as I wish she would, but when she does… I drop whatever I’m doing and slurp it up. *Sssssslluuuurrrrpp!*

3) Pole Skivvies is actually a leading brand of pole clothing, but I love reading the blog that’s also written by its creator, Jennifer. My favourite feature of her blog is that she regularly interviews real-life dancers: whether world champion pole dancers, fellow pole enthusiasts, and new pole students from all over the world, it’s an incredible insight to how varied and yet how similar the world of pole can be.

4) The Pole Story‘s author is now also officially a book author! Claire Griffin Sterrett just published ‘Pole Story, Essays on the power of erotic dance’ and if it’s anything like her fabulously-written blog posts about the empowering nature of erotic dance for women, it’ll probably blow you away. If you’re curious about what getting certified as a pole dance instructor might be like, (and if you are as many light years away as I am from ever finding out) you’ll enjoy her posts on her certification experience as much as I did.

5) Meagan from She-Beast just won first place in a major pole competition and no it’s wonder! Just reading about how seriously she trains is super-duper inspiring and gives mere mortals a sneak peak into the mind of a pole champion. If you’re about to go into your first competition, her tips will probably be extremely relevant to you as well.

6) Confessions of a Twirly Girl is a fun and open look into the life of the irrepressible Lolorashel who shares about her pole dancing adventures, pets, health, weight, friends, with lots of lovely candid photos and videos.

7) Climb and Spin is written by pole ‘educators’ who offer instructor certification, so they really know what they’re talking about when it comes to nutrition, hydration, and safety issues which are super relevant to pole.

8 ) Aerial Amy is written by Amy Shi, a pole instructor in NYC and she somehow manages to blog every. Single.. WEEKDAY! She has a way of hitting pole issues right on the nail and includes super useful pole trick tutorials which I mostly file away in my head for that day in the future when I’ll actually have enough strength to try them.

9)The other Holly’s blog The Pole Place is pretty new, but she’s already got a great collection of varied entries. One of my favorites is her own story about competition and jealousy. Usually when you have a group of women together doing anything, it’s an issue that’s often an unavoidable reality… which no-one really wants to talk about. So I really appreciated reading about it in a refreshingly honest light.

10) Sociology of Sheena might not be a pole blog per se, but damn when this girl writes about her pole experiences, it is Hot! Sheena’s reviews of the S-Factor studio where she dances at are so vivid, I just wish so much that I could be there in person!