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Hartford’s own incomparably stunning burlesque troupe, the 78 is looking for new performers and Street team ambassadors. We are looking for creative and fabulous performers of all genders (boylesque is a thing), body types and (legal) ages. If I had you at “burlesque”, ignore the rest of this posting and e-mail me right now. Otherwise, here are some answers to your questions.

What’s burlesque?
It involves taking off most of your clothes in elegant, adorable, artistic, ridiculous or dead sexy ways. We get down to pasties and panties in more ways than you could possibly imagine, to a wide variety of music. (We also make money.)
Will my mother be shocked?
Possibly, although some of our biggest fans are moms of performers. My grandma intends to come to the next show. We have a lot of female fans and a lot of homosexual fans as well as straight men- it’s a fun, safe, encouraging kind of sexy environment.
What do I need for auditions?
A 2-3 minute routine to a song, in which you get down to pasties of your own creation. (Pastie tutorials are available. If you’re a boylesquer, you can get away with no pasties.) Also, a burlesque name. Also, you’ll be asked to try out some group choreography.
Okay, I’m interested, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to audition. Are there some first steps I can take to get to know the group and get comfortable?
Oh, sugar, I’m so glad you asked. For a beautiful creature like yourself, we have a great many opportunities!
1. You can come to our next meeting to check us out. Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00pm at Pole Control Studios.
2. At said show, you can introduce yourself to me. I’m the one with the corset and robe, and am therefore moderately hard to miss.
3. You can volunteer to help on our Street Team of Ambassadors to begin with promotional stuff like busking or handing out materials! We love that.
4. You can request to be a stage kitten at an upcoming show. Stage kittens look cute and pick up clothes that have been strewn upon the stage.
5. You can express interest in coming to our craft nights, a crafty social event for interested parties every Sunday there’s something new to look forward to.
6. We are, of course, on Facebook and YouTube.
7. Unlike many other troupes we charge an annual commitment fee to all participants. The fee is based upon your class ranking at Pole Control Studios.
How do I audition, or get involved in one of these many other exciting ways?
Honey, you ask all the smartest questions. Email me, your emcee Holly Woods at, tell me what you’re interested in, and I will get you set up. Showdates begin soon, So come to a meeting to see what were all about.

*Please note that to become a 78 Performer you must be 21 years of age or older by the audition date!* We accept all ages for Street Team Ambassadors

What do I do between now and auditions?

  • Join The 78 Performers Directed by Holly Woods, this is an open group with the option to perform at all of our major shows. It’s a great way to try out our style and get some practice in before auditions!
  • You can also email me with questions!
  • Check out our Music to get a feel of our show

Audition Process

  • Short warm-up: stretches, across the floor exercises, etc.
  • Upon listening to the music score for the show you may choose one song to perform a solo
  • Your second song is to see how well you improvise to music
  • DON’T PANIC! We incorporate all styles into our shows from Hip-Hop to Jazz to Broadway. We want to see you try your best while having a good attitude about learning and performing.
  • The second hour, you will be asked to perform these combinations in small groups which will include current company members for a panel.
  • You will also fill out an application form and have a brief interview with the panel.


  • All members of The Burly Q dance troupe are required to be registered for a Burlesque aerobics class at Pole Control Studios.
  • Practice will be held for 30 hours weekly (see schedule). Attendance is required at all practices. Exceptions are made for illness or school/job requirements, but the director must be notified by e-mail or text prior to rehearsal.
  • Extra required practices will be scheduled in the weeks leading up to performances.
  • At the time of your audition you will be given a list of required performance dates which you must be able to attend.
  • Other performances that come up throughout the course of the year will not be required.