What to Expect in Class

Pole Fitness: (noun) a form of entertaining gymnastic style fitness in which an appropriate scantily dressed aerial artists dances erotically, artistically and posing against a vertically apparatus such as a static or spinning pole on a stage or in a pole dance studio. Here’s what to expect during a pole fitness dance class.


Getting fit has never been so much fun. You will come away with a strong body and an attitude to match.

This is power at it’s finest! Our Pole fitness and Aerial fitness instructors are available to put together a personal training program for you to help you achieve your ultimate hottie body. We’ll give you a complete assessment and will find a program option that will work best for you and your lifestyle. If you are inhibited or insecure, doubts and fears can keep you from embracing your sexuality and discovering your inner vixen. Yet every student has an inner vixen deep inside, an inner vixen that is longing to strap on a come-hither pair of stilettos and blow her own mind with her bold confidence. It’s time to get in touch with that sexy, intelligent, magnetic person within. Explore your wild side with us. Let your inhibitions go. Your self esteem and confidence will be bursting after just a few classes. Many students have come to feel physically and emotionally transformed. We offer a full array of gifts an souvenirs Available in the Pro Shop or here online. Go reward yourself. You’ve earned it!

What should you get out of  your Pole Dancing Class?

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Classes are slanted more toward a G than an X rating. The class itself involves performing aerobic moves on a vertical pole including spins and inversions. Arm, leg and ab muscles are used deeply for this, so expect a very thorough workout from your first class. You’ll be taught several moves which will build into a short routine. Traditional classes include warm up, stretching, “pole-time,” and cool down. If practiced consistently over a few months, the benefits you’ll reap include increased strength, muscle tone, suppleness, lost inches, and a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Safety First

Chose your class carefully. We offer a safe, co-ed environment where instruction takes place out of public view. You aren’t going to be doing anything risqué, but there’s a small minority who get a cheap thrill from peering into such classes. Yeah, they’re out there. And no, you most definitely will NOT be required to take your clothes off. Lucky for you Holly and her team are certified instructors and professional strippers who teach and formulate your classes. We value safety and proper training at Pole Control Studios. We only hire Certified Instructors!

In extreme cases, a Pole Dancing accident can lead to major injuries, such as neck sprains and breaks. It’s essential to be in company of someone with anatomy and physiology training to ensure your safety with every twist, twirl, and inversion.

What Should I Wear?

You won’t be asked to prance around in a sequined thong. Though we are ZERO TOLERANCE SLUT SHAMING SCHOOL, we expect respectful decorum for dress code. Normal workout wear is fine, a tank top and shorts is recommended. Note you will be gripping the pole with your inner thighs, so it’s best to wear what’s comfortable while allowing your skin to be in direct contact with the pole to prevent slippage. If you’re a more advanced student learning inversions, you’ll want to expose more skin to get more traction on the pole. Don’t forget to bring extra layers to the studio too. While waiting for your shot on the pole it can get chilly, and you’ll want to keep those  muscles warm and limber. Whether you practice in leotards and heels or sweat shorts tanks and sneakers at your nearest gym or in dedicated Pole Dancing studio, you’ll find this exercise to be a fantastic work-out and a fun means of expressing yourself…And if you chose to share your new moves with us at your next recital, complete with Lucite platforms and a stretchy, satin, snake bodysuit—more power to you. Your clothes will get smaller but your minds will get bigger!

Do I Bring My Louboutins?

For beginners, you’ll find most students learn in bare feet or socks. Advanced classes allow heels, but the proper footwear for pole is the sturdy-Lucite Cinderella stripper heeled, t-strap variety. Leave the killer patent leather Nordstrom platforms  at home. They will be detroyed like your ego!

Is Dewy Skin a “Do?”

One might assume slathering on the Kiehl’s Crème de Corps would add a little shine to their routine. Not so fast. Leave off lotions, oils, or moisturizers of any kind from both your hands and body. You’ll need as much friction as possible to stay on the pole. That said, it’s also a good idea to wipe the pole down before getting your Dewy Demi Moore on.

Warm Up!

Because Pole Dancing is an athletic form of dance, you’ll want to be sure your body is warmed up before starting. Your abs, quads and arms deserve special attention. There’s nothing hot about a stiff pole dancer (no pun intended). Instructor will allow 15-20 minutes of pre class time for warm up and stretch. Unless the class is an expansion stretch flexibility class ALL classes are required to take this time to prevent injury.

It’s Pole Dancing. Not Pole Vaulting.

Don’t jump, pounce, leap, or throw your body at or around the pole. You build momentum for spins by walking around the pole and swinging your outside leg towards it. You drop yourself down into the pole with your arms and abs. At no point should you be jumping onto it. You will receive your share of bruises calluses and pole burns. Your earn them and move on.

Personal Training and Private Lessons: Too shy for a group class or looking to perfect your fitness and dance skills? We offer private lessons with our expert instructors.  Private Sessions are available for individuals or small groups of 4 or more based on studio availability. Starting at $50-$100 an hour. We do not accept coupons for private classes or parties

Classes are priced individually or Classes can be purchased in passes packages or monthly memberships. Prices are subject to change due to special sales coupons and giveaways.  To ensure the safety of our students, all students must get instructor approval to progress into the next class. There are no exceptions all new students must take Introduction. An overall assessment and a recital performance is required for advancement. Most classes need to be consistently repeated before advancing. Open sessions or Freestyle classes are highly recommended for all students of any level.

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