Learn to Teach

You will be granted access in your account that will allow you to see available classes in advance. Weekly online meeting are suggested!

Not only is it fun you will become such a well-rounded pole enthusiast in your own time by learning to teach in  pole control studios Teachers training program.
All levels can participate in this program you must have 30 class pass credits or more

or higher and you will  be gifted and matched with a 21 class training pass to double dip The classes you’re taking and the classes you’re learning to teach, meanwhile earning your TTP credits. This program is also progressive.


You have the opportunity to earn 4  certifications  in Pole professional teaching starting with your Associates in pole discovery introduction  (PAA) then your bachelors Pole


diva science 1&2 (APA) then of course you can receive your Masters in Pole Goddess Arts 1&2 (PA) to ultimately earn your PHD as a Pole Fessional. (PI)

Upon certification in each level your TTP credits give you the opportunity to begin teaching classes at that level you will earn more TTP credits as you teach that level until you have met your required hours for becoming an instructor.
Being a pole instructor is a paid position and offers many perks including but not limited to the use of renting or  borrowing a pole for personal or professional use. You’ll have the option for off  location parties and workshops and of course you’ll get paid $20 an hour for every gig!

If you are solo in the class you sign up for you are required to learn studio business basics. From filing clients to making phone calls or confirming appointments. Holly has something to keep you busy while learning the behind the scenes basic of running a Pole fitness studio. You may freestyle on the pole if you are solo in the class you registered for but  yo may NOT freestyle in classes from your training pass. The only way receive TTP credits is attending training classes.

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