Intro Class

SAMPLE A FREE CLASS * Included in your class pass.

“You will have so much Fun, You will forget you are working out”     HollyWoods

All students begin by taking an Intro to Pole Fitness. 
Our Pole Discovery class is an assessment for the instructor to allow student to enroll in our pole fitness classes at the level they will excel in. Pole Don/Diva is the Beginner Course and several months of taking classes will prepare you for Pole (God)dess- (Intermediate), Pole Emperor/ress (Advance) and Pole Domina(tor) (Expert) only a few years of classes away from being an teacher if you want to reach for the stars.


Common Frequently Asked Questions, Answered! 

  • All classes are 60 minutes long and are given every day (See schedule)
  • New students must take the prerequisite class Introduction Class to every new apparatus before enrolling in that course.
  • Pole Discovery Intro Party does not necessarily qualify you to enroll in Pole Fitness Courses (See your Instructor after the party for placement suggestions)
  • To register for this class, use our online form and complete all sections.
  • Intro Class is offered Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 6pm
  • -Every Other Saturday (Memorial Day til After Labor Day)
  • Intro Parties can be booked with a studio rep.
  • Intro Parties can pre-book 4 or more guests through the registration here.
  • Arrive at your class at least 15 minutes in advance to  Pre register

To prevent injury:

  • Please be sure to remove all your hand jewelry before class
  • Come to class with no OIL or LOTION on your skin. Please bring a Hand towel, because you are gonna sweat!
  • Wear loose fitting clothing, a pair of shorts or skorts that exposes about 3 inches above the knee and a sleeveless tank top, or t-shirt and a pair of  socks. (You can always bring shoes if you own them) Please no stockings or leggings in Pole Class. No shorts or loose clothing in Silk/Lyra Class.

You have the option of taking a class with up to 15 other students in a Public class or reserve  all the  poles and make it a Private Pole Discovery Intro Party with up to 15 your friends. For ONLY *$50 per person.


During the course of your instruction, you will learn the rudiments of pole dance fitness, including the following:

  • Hand positions and grip of the pole
  • The correct posture and stance during pole dance fitness
  • Sensual Strength movement
  • 1-5 Pole /Aerial mounts & Spins
  • Transitional moves or combinations

Classes are priced individually or Classes can be purchased in passes packages or monthly memberships. Prices are subject to change due to special sales coupons and giveaways.  To ensure the safety of our students, all students must get instructor approval to progress into the next class. The only exceptions for new students to avoid taking Introduction class is if they are a Visitors Pass holder or Drop in for Open studio.  All new students must be given an evaluation. An overall assessment, a recital performance or audition is required to level up or gain instructor consideration. Most classes will be  consistently repeated before advancing. Open sessions or Freestyle classes are highly recommended for all students of any level.