The Naked Truth

February 9, 2018

360 Farmington Ave


The semi annual Burlesque at its Best is one of our marquee events. This year is going to be bigger and better because of:

  • Pole Control Studios New Aerial Arts Springfield location
  • Burly Q Babes Bur-Luxe style of Burlesque
  • Items features from HOW BAZAAR clothing boutique
  • BONUS: Some proceeds will go to the renovation and remodel of the roof top patio at the Carriage House Theater

Attendee Profile

According to our survey, a big percentage of our West Hartford attendees are your clients.The Naked Truth Bur-Luxe show  is an opportunity to showcase both Pole Control Studios and How Bazaar’s products and increase market share. But act soon – Sponsorship options will soon be full.

Event Purpose

The Naked Truth Bur-luxe Show started because a few Burly Q performers got together complaining of the lack of quality burlesque shows. NYC and Boston will have full speakeasy style venues and New England’s Burlesque scene was dense or non existent due to the traveling showgirl appeal of the bigger cities. When you do find a good quality show it often lacks a wavelength of emotion. That’s where The Burly Q Babes come in . We decided the best way to solve this problem is to offer the best pop-art nouveau recurring  interactive burlesque experience. Since then, it has helped raise money for local fundraisers, create a underground buzz in the  Art scene and build community camaraderie for young women interested in Art, Beauty, Sensual Dance, Fitness and Fashion and everything Burlesque offers.

We have come a long way, but we still need your support. Your generous contribution will help us extend our belief that dance is essential to a healthy society, demonstrating the infinite possibilities for human expression and potential, and facilitating communication within and across cultures. Pole Control Studios Academy Aerial Arts of N.E sustains and advances professional adult alternative dance by addressing the needs, concerns, and interests of artists, administrators, and organizations. By providing leadership and local community services, Burly Q Babes enhances the infrastructure for exotic dance creation and distribution, education, and dissemination of information.


Strategic Plan and Vision 2018-2019


Burly Q will lead the professional Burlesque dance industry by providing value to a strong, diverse membership base and encouraging the membership to be responsive to current economic, demographic and participation realities.

  • Burly Q Babes will be accessible to all professional burlesque dance groups through membership and will embrace strategic partnerships on a local, national and international level to increase visibility, relevance and impact.
  • Burly Q Babes will create value for members through strong core services of convening, advocacy and research that have a national focus and are frequently evaluated.
  • Burly Q Babes will offer tangible benefits to the membership based on timely needs.
  • Burly Q Babes will be known as the national voice for professional burlesque dance in America within and across the industry, the media, the federnment, and among international dance service organizations.

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Additional Sponsorship Opportunities: