We’ve been working long and hard (giggles) on creating an APP that was suitable for the students and staff of Pole Control Studios. We hope all that work has paid off because Our New App has officially launched. Get yours on Itunes for apple devices or on Google play for Androids.
Holly Woods
We are determined to be the best because there are many imitation pole dance fitness studios however we pride ourselves in being the original, the most exclusive, the absolute best. Your time is valuable, and we will make ourselves available. We take the art of Pole fitness very seriously. Holly Woods train her instructors to identify the learning pattern of each student they host in class. No one learns by watching, even if you have a youtube mentality. You must learn to attempt vigorously each move tenaciously until its perfected on both sides of your body to gain the respect of your instructor.
Alivia Perry
Studio Manager
Alivia is 20 years old with a strong passion for dancing arts. She has been dancing since she could walk. Throughout her life, Alivia has been involved in school chorus, chamber choirs, singing/dancing competitions, theater shows, talent shows and formerly attended Anita’s School of Dance. Two years ago, while in college, she ventured out to find a new career, one that had meaning to her. Soon, she came across Pole Control Studios, and after taking the Introduction class, she fell in awe with the sport. Since then, Alivia has had the goal of becoming part of the working team of the Academy Aerial Arts of New England. With her devotion to the studio, Alivia is dedicated to the needs of anyone who seeks interest in the services that are offered.
John Provencal
Office Manager/Director
Aechmia Cote
Social Media Liason
Meet our team of Ninjas fighting crime and protecting the innocent.