What is the attire and Etiquette?

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(What should I wear?) NO  nudity is allowed in the studio. Proper attire must be worn at all times.

Appropriate attire for pole class includes a t-shirt or tank top, sports bra, and form-fitted shorts “booty” shorts or Loose fitting yoga pants. Men may participate topless. High heels are optional for Level 2 and up.

Appropriate attire for fitness classes is leggings or form-fitted yoga wear, a sports bra and tank top, or a leotard and leg warmers. Long sleeves if weather permits, may also sometimes be desired.

No ankle restrictive sweatpants, loose-fitting cargo shorts or denim pants are allowed in classes.

Underwear is not allowed as workout attire. Active wear and pole fitness wear is best.


Pole Control Studios prides itself on being a refuge from the outside world. When you are in the studio, please leave all your troubles behind and get ready to have fun and sweat it out!

There is no cell phone use allowed in the classroom, whatsoever. If you need to use the phone or text, please step out to the hallway. Please turn your ringer/alerts off while in the playroom.

Students are NOT allowed to practice or monkey around on the poles in between classes. An instructor must be present at all times while students are practicing. If you are seen practicing in between classes, you will be asked to refrain.

Please respect your instructors and fellow students.

Bullying is not tolerated at Pole Control Studios. Any person who disrespects students or staff and their personal space will immediately be asked to leave the premises.

Pole Control Studios has a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol during classes.

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