What are my instructor expectations?

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I expect all clients to READ the information posted on their coupons, our website, email and newsletters. We will not accept your coupon if you do not pay your online sales tax to activate your coupon. We cannot take payments at the studio. We will not accept your coupon if your behavior is juvenile and unwarranted. We record all phone calls for quality assurance and save all phone messages and complaints.

Under NO circumstance will you be allowed to walk in on any class. I will not be threatened by your hierarchy or governed by your position to honor any favoritism  You may not falsify documents or online accounts in order for your underage minor to participate in a class. You will be banned from the studio for any falsification of documents or online accounts.

  • ALL CLASSES are 1st come 1st served basis.

Our guest travel from all over the region and plan accordingly for traffic, parking, stretching, shopping, and gossip that usually occurs BEFORE class.

I expect the attention to be awarded to the class time. You try your best and you will get better. Bad attitudes or negative comments are the first to be asked to leave the studio. It takes a very special and patient aerial artist to become an amazing performance artist. Some people have a different idea of what pain and pleasure are, it very well may be your friend holding you back from excelling in the program due to frustration of comparison.

This sport is NOT for everyone, however EVERYONE has an opportunity to learn and understand the basics of where this sports full potential lies. Mental agility, physical endurance and overall healthy attitude will make an amazing POLE fessional and I look forward to teaching that student, my passion in life. The love of pole dance and aerial artistry at it’s most delicate beginning stages.

  • EVERYONE has to schedule their classes online, please email info@polecontrolstudios.com for faster service. Phone Calls or text messaging will be accepted between 12pm-5pm for assistance

In order to have an account with Pole Control Studios. You must establish  good standing with our system. An updated credit card or prepaid method of payment is required to book any classes. (ie groupon code#1234abc) Monthly workshops and streaming classes are purchased separately.

  • RESCHEDULING-is understandable, however you MAY cancel your class 4 hours in advance to avoid any charges to your account. It will allow seamless transitions for those wait listed to be notified and allowed into the class on time. You must be considerate of others as they are considerate to you.


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