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Whats the difference between an intro class and an intro party?

Intro classes and parties are suggested for participants who never tried pole fitness before at Pole Control Studios.

Intro Class give a student the opportunity to learn pole fitness at the basic beginner stages. Students may progressively go to Pole Pilates Diva 1 course and begin their journey to self discovery. This is a one time only class where you learn up to 5 moves to combine in a routine

Intro Parties allow student to have a private class in a party atmosphere together. There often no need to learn at a suggested pace. You come mostly to have fun. You will touch base on 3-8 pole moves depending on you and your participants attentiveness. We allow photo after class and finish with a demonstration by your instructor.

VIP Party will give you the time and attention to celebrate your special occasion in style with your closest friends and family. You can stay and pole play for the basic 2 hour Birthday,Girls Night out, or Bachelorette party or do a super slumber 12 hour extravaganza, hosted by our team of professional party planners. Our Hotel, Casino, Restaurant, Limo Service and NightClub affiliates pay very close attention to detailing all of your party needs in one stop.

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