Deals & Specials

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We  offer deals and specials to our current clients through Constant Contact after client has registered and taken an Introduction class. Our current clients have active memberships that allow us to refill their accounts with multiple classes in any duration. Groupon Coupons,  are  3rd party vendors that give a great starter package to our clients. ( a PCS staff member is required to activate a 3rd party coupon)  We are not responsible for the use, duration, expiration, negligence, or any additional taxes gratuities and fees concurred with the written rules and regulation of the 3rd party deals. To avoid the embarrassment of multiple account merger fees and incorrect or incomplete coupon information, PLEASE READ your 3rd party coupon deal thoroughly. Please visit our site often for more information on products, and current promotions.

You may select a package AFTER YOUR 1st  INTRODUCTION CLASS! ENJOY!